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Enjoy an explosion of flavor with four Farmhouse Lab Organic Real Food Dressings and four SalterieOne Seasonal Spoon Jars!

SalterieOne Sea Salt + Farmhouse Lab Dressings
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Founders and CEOs, Daniela and Lily, have built companies on opposite coasts with the same mission: to provide customers with clean and flavorful choices in their food categories.

Handcrafted in California and Massachusetts respectively, both companies are committed to sustainability, clean and delicious eating, and transparency. Farmhouse Lab’s Organic Real Food Dressings and SalterieOne’s Sea Salt Blends are paired in this giveaway to provide you with the ultimate in creativity and playfulness in the kitchen.

One lucky winner will receive four Farmhouse Lab Real Food Dressings and four SalterieOne Seasonal Spoon Jars — an explosion of flavor. Look at these delightful pairings you can enjoy throughout the year:

✧ Spring Blend & Sunny Avocado Recommendation: Creamy Asparagus and Minty Herb Pasta with peas, watermelon radishes and microgreens

✧ Summer Blend & Berry Olive: Lemon Beach Pie with marinated nectarines, lavender and shaved parmesan

✧ Autumn Blend & Green Pumpkin: Roasted Sweet Potato loaded with kale, feta cheese, pecans, and seeds

✧ Winter Blend & Red Sunflower: Butternut- Orange Squash Soup with spiced honey roasted pumpkin seeds

For more recipe inspiration, check out SalterieOne’s free CookBook and Farmhouse Lab’s free Real Food Dressing Inspiration Booklet!