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Impress your family and friends with more flavor in every dish, during every season.

The Seasonal Sea Salt Sampler

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Love to cook as much as we do? Impress your family and friends by giving every recipe the perfect something special when you add a seasonal sea salt blend to your favorite dishes.

Home and professional chefs love this delicious, flaky, feathery sea salt because:

  • It Tastes Better
  • It's Better For You
  • It Contains No Chemicals
  • It's Rich in Minerals
  • It's Artisan Crafted
  • It Pairs with Any Recipe

The Seasonal Sea Salt Sampler is a favorite — hands down! It's the perfect introduction to our sea salt and original sea salt blends, and makes a great gift for family and friends.

You'll enjoy experimenting and innovating in the kitchen with our seasonally inspired blends!

Five unique blends in a custom box (makes a great gift) that highlights the contents of each type, including our Classic Sea Salt and the four vibrant blends from our Seasonal Collection, the sampler is absolutely perfect in every way!

✧Winter Blend is an herbal combination of Classic Sea Salt, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and Parsley. Enjoy Winter on focaccia, pizza, clam chowder, and cod!

✧Spring Blend is a bright blend of Classic Sea Salt, Savory, Chives, and Rose petals. Try Spring on salmon, yogurt, dressings, and eggs!

✧Summer Blend is a vibrant combination of Classic Sea Salt, Lemon Peel, and Basil. Enjoy Summer on fruit salad, tabbouleh, ceviche, and grilled veggies!

✧Autumn Blend is a rich blend of paprika, dill, chili pepper, and black peppercorn. You'll love Autumn on tacos, bean dip, mussels, and rubs!

Experience the elevated flavor that Sea Salt brings to your cooking, from every day to gourmet!

Loved By Thousands of Customers and Your Favorite Publications

Sea Salt Makes Every Snack, Meal, and Dessert Taste Better

Sea Salt Tastes Better - Plain and simple, your friends and family are going to wonder how you got so good at cooking overnight.

No Chemicals - The salt you're used to often contains bleaching agents. Our fresh sea salt never contains added chemicals, so it's as pure as the ocean.

Better for You - 100% natural with no additives. Compare that to table salt, which can contain up to 18 harmful additives such as anti-caking agents.

Rich in Minerals - Traditional table salt is highly processed and stripped of minerals that are vital for your body.

Artisan Crafted - Every pinch of salt is hand-harvested from the ocean in Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts. We're proud to be a local women-owned and operated business!

What Chefs Like You Are Saying

"I love the packaging & product. Its adorable, flavorful. I add a little pinch of this to everything I cook - Summer is my fave. Can't wait to gift this to foodie friends!"

- Lucy G. on May 17, 2021

"I was really excited to try SalterieOne’s products and decided the sea salt sampler might be the perfect place to start. And it has been! I have enjoyed using the different blends in dishes that match them, such as the spring blend in a Sunday brunch omelette and the winter blend over roasted vegetables. The salt is amazingly light and flaky, and the herbs, flowers, fruit, and spices mixed in are beautiful to look at and evocative in their aromas. And oh yeah, how could I forget: the classic sea salt is outstanding on my favorite double-chocolate cookies. I am looking forward to exploring more sea-salt and seasonally inspired recipes!"

- Katie M. on October 3, 2021

"I am visiting a close friend out of state and bought this as a wonderful gift for their new home. They do a lot of cooking and I am sure they will enjoy this."

- Beverly M on May 10, 2021

"I received my sea salt and salt blends earlier today the smell so fresh I am delighted with all the salt blends I will definitely continue to explore your compass collection. Thank you"

- Linda S on February 3, 2021

"I love my Duxbury Saltworks products and always try to gift from local companies. I'm so excited about the Sea Salt Sampler - I can share my excitement for this company's products in a way that allows my friends to try all of the tasty blends. Highly recommend!"

- Emmy G on November 2, 2020

Delicate salt flakes.
Big impact on every meal.

Thank you for discovering us! The impact of your enthusiasm for our products, passion for our brand, and support of our women-owned business is truly beyond measure.
This company began as a seedling — an idea conceived out of a desire to bring to life a meaningful business that inspires and delights in simple, natural, and healthful ways. I am thankful that the products we create are beloved by customers near and far.
Our business is rooted in Duxbury, MA. Our signature product — Classic Sea Salt — is hand-harvested by me and our team who live in our local community. We are makers, and our sea salt is carefully and thoughtfully made from the waters of beautiful Duxbury Bay.
The nurturing of saltwater in to the highest quality culinary sea salt is the essence of what we do. We also continually innovate to bring you custom, hand-crafted culinary sea salt blends and other delights.

SalterieOne enriches the lives of people, their palates and the planet, and does it all with purpose.

Salt is an element that connects us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is sea salt different than table salt?

Processed table salt (think salt shaker) is produced in a factory setting where it is stripped of minerals and nutrients until it is just sodium chloride. More often than not, chemicals are used in the process to dye the salt white, and iodine is added along with compounds to prevent clumping. Just as we know processed sugar is not good for us; similarly, processed salt is not the best option. Think of the following sweetener analogy: high fructose corn syrup is to table salt (processed) as honey is to sea salt (natural).

Moreover, table salt may have added anti-caking agents, such as sodium aluminum silicate or additive E-554. There are a total of 18 food additives that are allowed in salt which are not good for your health. Our sea salt has no chemical additives. If you season with our sea salt, you'll avoid chemicals AND eat salt flakes full of minerals and essential nutrients and flavor.

What are the benefits of sea salt?

Sea salt provides dozens of essential minerals and trace minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, iron, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Salt helps balance electrolytes, acts as an antimicrobial to help fight off microbes in our bodies, and so much more. SalterieOne Sea Salt is comprised of sodium and beneficial minerals without anything you wouldn't want to eat. That's the beauty of our amazing filtration system.

Do you test the water source?

Yes. We have the water independently tested regularly per local guidelines.
To further refine the source of our flavorful sea salt, our water is triple-filtered down to less than 1 micron on industrial scale filters. Our water is tested monthly by a widely trusted independent lab that specializes in water-quality testing and is listed as a state-approved testing facility in Massachusetts. Moreover, because we harvest in small batches, we have an extremely high-quality assurance standard. Nothing but pure salt and minerals remain.

SalterieOne Sea Salt Facts

Every six hours, the ocean waters of high tide gradually flow into Duxbury Bay. And every six hours after that, the waters of the bay gradually recede as low tide arrives — and the Bay’s sandy bottom is revealed. This natural cycle repeats each and every hour — a consistent, dependable, water-based renewal that provides the ideal environment for marine life, especially oysters, to thrive. From this life-giving water SalterieOne's sea salt flakes begin.

How is SalterieOne Sea Salt made?

It turns out that making a high quality, fresh, flavorful sea salt isn’t as simple as evaporating sea water. Our carefully-honed process results in the light, flaky texture and fresh ocean taste our sea salt is known for.

Our salt-making operations are on the waterfront home of Island Creek Oysters. SalterieOne’s proprietary process takes time and patience. “Achieving our unique sea salt flakes requires just the right mix of science and art,” says Salt Harvester, Brooke Bradley. “The hand of the grower, combined with nature’s magical capabilities, is a key reason why our salt is beloved by many,” she says.

More about our process...

SalterieOne sea salt flakes are created via the gradual evaporation of seawater collected directly from Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts. The large daily rotation between high and low tides in this area helps ensure that our source water is routinely refreshed. When combined with a vibrant aquaculture industry, Duxbury Bay is uniquely positioned to provide water naturally purified by millions of oysters.

After collecting our source water, we filter it and slowly heat it to form a rich brine. Over time, sea salt flakes naturally form and are gently gathered by hand by our Salt Harvesters. These delicate, feathery flakes are then dried in a precisely regulated, heated environment to remove any remaining moisture. No flake is ready until it passes the detailed inspection of our skilled team.

This careful and deliberate process helps ensure that each flake is perfectly textured and retains key minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients that are important to the body's natural day-to-day functions.
The harvesting of sea salt is the process of creating the salt flakes — which happens by hand in our facility. We have Salt Harvesters on staff who are highly trained to masterfully manage our salt-harvesting process.

SalterieOne's Salt Harvester manages the time, temperature, and the rate at which we allow the salt flakes to form and dry. This proprietary process is integral to the creation of the pure, delicate fleur-de-sel style sea salt that SalterieOne is known for.

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