Join our Nourish Mission!

Whoa. A new decade is actually here! 

After zooming through the last month of holiday time with family and friends, cooking, deadlines, and plain old running around, I’m happy to start the new year off fresh. I know a complete revamp of my diet isn’t happening overnight and I’m not embarking on a 4-week long yoga retreat. But if I focus on a simple way to nourish my mind, body, and heart a little each day, sitting quietly to enjoy a warm cup of something healthful and delicious is my answer. 

I am calling this a Nourish Mission and the entire SalterieOne Team is joining me each week this month. If you’d like to sip along with us, we’ll share our simple recipes for nourishing drinks with you in our Recipe section. And now, the exciting first drink choice. (Insert calming drum roll here.)

Our first week’s Nourish Mission drink is Scratch Bone Broth in a Slow Cooker. The list of benefits of regular consumption of bone broth is loooooong! Get ready: It can help your immune system, joints, bones, digestion, gut, muscle pain, skin, hair, and nails. There’s protein in there too, which fills you up and provides energy. And when you sprinkle in a pinch of SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt, you’re also adding in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and selenium, too! It’s quite literally a health boost in every cup. 

To add this to your routine this week without extending your cooking chores, we recommend buying broth at your local market or online. When choosing a brand, pay attention to the ingredients list, find out how it’s made, and choose organic if possible. Essentially, select a brand you can feel good feeding your body. (Local friends, we are using Hale Bone Broth, which can be purchased here.) 

So, as we wrap our hands around a warm cup of nourishment each day, we hope you’ll be doing the same! We think your mind, body, and heart will thank you. And remember to share your Nourish Mission journey successes and challenges with us at We want to hear from you!

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