Discover how incredible really well-made salt can be.
Embrace your inner salt lover + explore our hand-crafted salt collection. xo, Lily
Taste the difference
Our salt is always consciously crafted with sustainability, beauty, flavor + purity. xo, Lily
Salt, It's what we do, it's what we love

Bringing you the best

Un-paralleled Quality, Flavor, Texture + Passion = Obsession
Only the best
We never compromise on quality. Healthy, Additive-Free, Original + Always made in-house, by me. xo, Lily
Wild Truffle + Black Garlic
Maple Sugar + Chocolate
Coffee Bean
Everything Salt
Ice Cream Sundae


Coffee lovers unite
Flavor Explosion
Hand-infused and sprinkled with espresso! You'll be eating this salt out of jar, literally!
Winter Savory
A long-time fav, make sure you've got Winter Savory on hand as the seasons change.
Meat + Potatoes

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