A Touch of Salt — Rowayton Seafood Collaboration

From Rowayton Seafood, we are officially published and featured in a beautiful coffee table book, "A Touch of Salt". PRE-ORDER NOW

"The sea holds a unique allure that captivates the human heart. Water inherently offers healing and purification. Its ever-changing nature leaves one in awe of its power during rough seas and calm when the water lies flat. The bounty that lies beneath its surface is designed perfectly to balance the ecosystem and feed the planet. It is a great responsibility of ours to respect and protect its greatness and plentitude.

The sea brings to us an abundance of varieties of species, both large and small. This sea life provides us with nutrient-dense, healthy food that promotes well-being and longevity. The regulation and protection of the sea life is vital to the sustainability of our swimming friends.

In the pages of this coffee table, cookbook, a touch of salt we will…
Travel from sea to restaurant table — where you are served — to your home, where we explore the art of serving.

Meet the hard working and passionate fishermen and harvesters who provide these
delicious gifts of the sea and discover what it takes to get their products to our markets, restaurants, and kitchens.

Glimpse the pristine waters these species are found in, see them in their natural
habitats. Learn how they contribute to the balance of their ecosystem, and how they provide sustainable options for nutrient-rich and protein-rich cuisine.
a touch of salt, stories and ingredients from the sea is a book steeped in family, history, community, and seafood the pillars that anchor a family-owned seafood restaurant and market, Rowayton Seafood.

Pre-Order for delivery first week of December.
Hardcover | 270 x 205 mm (11,5” x 8,76”)
10 chapters | 276 pages | 148 photographs
Writing Barbara Bates Conroy
Edited Jenna Bernstein
Photography Morgan Ione Yeager
Design Made by Sea 


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