Aqua Salt: Newest Release

Now releasing to subscribers, and coming soon to everyone else!

Aqua Salt is one of a kind: you can't find it anywhere else.

We use Organic Blue Spirulina, a flavorless nutrient rich blue algae, in our recipe for hand-harvested Classic Duxbury Salt to create this naturally colorful, delicately flavored finishing salt.

How does it taste? 
The spirulina is flavorless - so Aqua tastes just like our pure white Classic Duxbury Salt! 

How do I use it?
The simple answer is: Use Aqua on anything you would use our Classic Duxbury Flake Salt. The vibrant bluish/periwinkle color looks and tastes great on lighter colored foods, such as corn on the cob, cream cheese bagels, and even muffins! Have you tried a dash of salt on watermelon? Aqua salt makes it pop for your eyes and your taste buds! Seriously, how fun that it is blue?

How Did Aqua Salt Come to Be? 
We developed Aqua sea salt in The Saltery, our innovation kitchen. We were experimenting with ways to add a little fun to our fluffy flakes and tried a variety of different recipes. 

By incorporating organic spirulina powder into the recipe for our hand-harvested Classic Duxbury Flake Salt, we were able to do just that. This proprietary process takes a lot of work - but the unique flakes, incredible taste, and beautiful color all make it worth it!

Are there any other benefits to using Aqua?
Spirulina is a naturally occurring blue-green algae that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. With each pinch you may just pick up some of those benefits.

What can we look forward to next?
Our team is creating and experimenting daily in the Saltery to create intriguing sea salt flavors and blends that inspire you. Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming creations!

xo, Lily

Founder + Salt Lover

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