MA Manufacturer of the Year Award Winner + Ceremony


Duxbury-based Company Is Recognized as a Leading Manufacturer

DUXBURY, MASS. (September 16, 2022) – SalterieOne is proud to announce that Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Representative Josh Cutler selected the Duxbury, MA based company as Manufacturer of the Year. Presented at the 7th Annual Manufacturing Awards Ceremony, Lily Leedom, Founder, and Emily Goodman-Simeone, Director of Sales, accepted the award on behalf of the company. 

“This award acknowledges the power of creating high quality, hand-crafted products in the Commonwealth. We are proud to be honored for being an award winning manufacturer based in Massachusetts,” Leedom says. 

Founded in 2018, Lily set out to create the purist, most flavorful, large flake sea salt from the waters of Duxbury Bay. “We have done so with the tremendous support from the State of Massachusetts, our local Representatives and Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation for investing in our growth,” says Leedom. 

Founder, Lily Leedom, has been obsessed with salt for as long as she can remember. In 2018, she discovered dozens of colorful, flavorful, all natural salts + seasonings at a market in Paris. This launched her on a quest to make the most incredible culinary salt in the world. 

Lily literally spent years hauling buckets of seawater to her kitchen which resulted in the creation of Duxbury Sea Salt. Her Innovation Kitchen, Saltery, now creates the best flake salt and original salt infusions available anywhere in the world. This is accomplished through their proprietary hand-harvested small batch flake salt making process. This process produces the perfect sea salt flake and is distinguishable from other flake salt due to the size, purity, and flavor carrying abilities.

Visit to explore all product offerings, including the popular Maple Sugar, Black Garlic, Pinot Noir  + other incredible salt infusions + blends. SalterieOne products are also available at grocery retail locations in the Northeast, including Whole Foods, Big Y, select Roche Bros. stores and specialty retailers across the country. 

“Our salt is always consciously crafted with beauty, flavor and purity. We know it takes more time and effort to produce our hand-crafted sea salt, but that is what it takes to produce the most incredible flake salt,” says Leedom.

About SalterieOne   

SalterieOne is a women-owned and operated company that hand-crafts culinary sea salt in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Saltery is the name for their innovation kitchen and its line of gourmet blends and infusions, all of which are consciously crafted with sustainability, beauty, flavor and purity. Learn more at and follow Saltery on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn.

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