Natural Abundance - Duxbury, MA

Duxbury Bay is located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and offers unique qualities that provide several advantages to salt-harvesting. These natural resources benefit the sea salt we make, and therefore help you on your mission to be healthy & support meaningful businesses!


Duxbury Bay was one of the original landing points of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Due to the shallow depths of the bay (more on how this is relevant later) it was not an ideal place for sailing & land access for settling. The people on the Mayflower moved south towards neighboring Plymouth Bay, which offered greater depths. Limited access means limited development around the Bay and no industrial projects in the Bay.

Bay Turn Over

Duxbury Bay is approximately 3 miles long and on average 2 miles wide and quite shallow with several channels at the lowest of tides. Translation: Not too big, but also not small, with a channel funneling fresh sea water in and out continually during the tidal changes. Because of the shallow depths, most water leaves the bay at low tide, so limited availability of stagnant water & plentiful fresh ocean water.

Shellfish Abundance

There are thriving oyster farms in Duxbury Bay - where oysters are grown in the mud flats, in fact rumor has it there are dozens of millions of them. Oysters are natural water filters, running the water through them, and cleaning our Bay. This leaves a clean, pure water source for us to use. Water is our salt, so this matters a lot. Water testing backs up this benefit: Duxbury Bay water is nice & clean.

Water Filtering

More on this in our How our Salt is Made series, but our fresh, clean ocean water is run through industrial very low micron filters that remove any organics in the water, leaving us with a pristine source for the sea salt we harvest from the water.


The food we eat is the greatest source of introduced foreign matter to our body. The quality of this food has impacts on our health. Salt is ubiquitous in food, and required for your body to function properly. Micro-nutrient, minerals & electrolytes are all found in sea salt. Our salt is clean, pure & full of vitality. Jump on over to our shop page and give it a try!


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