Scoville Heat Scale - Read All About It!

Created in 1972, the Scoville Scale measures the heat and pungency of chili peppers.  Each pepper is recorded in Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). Named after creator, Wilbur Scoville, 

A scientific process is used to test the peppers for the spice inducing property called capsaicinoids. Believe it or not, people are the taste testers (trained of course!) and this group has the ultimate say in determining where a pepper falls on the scale.

The scale starts at zero. Think bell pepper here! The scale goes all the way up to 1,500,000. A pepper known as the Caroline Reaper is at the peak.

The pepper I like to use the most in our salt blends is cayenne. It falls in the 25,000-50,000 range. Spicy, sinus clearing, but totally managable, IMO.

Our Hot Salt, Fire Blend, Jalapeno Lime Salt + several others have an array of peppers. Check out our Some Like it Hot Gang to start exploring spicy salt!



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