Sea vs. Table - What’s the sea salt difference?

The salt shaker is a ubiquitous component of the family dinner table. When you replace it with a salt cellar filled with sea salt flakes, it makes you wonder how the salts differ, especially when they share the same chemical name (NaCL or sodium choride). Let’s go beyond their obvious appearance and texture differences and answer this broad question by asking three smaller, more detailed questions.

What is the source of the salt?
Table salt most often comes from salt deposits located thousands of feet (or more) below ground.

Sea salt is created by evaporating ocean water or saltwater lake water. Specifically, SalterieOne sea salt is sourced from the pristine waters of Duxbury, Massachusetts. This is special because Duxbury Bay is home to millions of oysters, thanks to our oyster farms, and oysters are the ocean’s filter. This means our waters are consistently cleaned with each incoming and outgoing tide and many little bivalves. Plus, the bay’s unique rocky nature means our salt’s mineral content can be found nowhere else.

How is it collected?
Table salt is normally dug out of underground mines. Think deep holes in the earth, and lots of big, loud machinery.

 SalterieOne uses the evaporation method to create our sea salt. In small batches, we triple-filter ocean water and slow-simmer it for more than 13 hours to coax the salt flakes out of a thick brine. This is a careful process that our Salt Farmers have found yields the most flavorful flakes around. Envision the sounds of lots of pots quietly simmering away, steam wafting.

What else is added?
After it is removed from the earth, table salt is bleached, filtered, and stripped of minerals to give it a standardized texture. Then, salt manufacturers add iodine and anti-caking agents such as aluminum and ferro cyanide.

SalterieOne Sea Salt is simply pure hand-harvested salt - no processing, no additives. Unless you count the love we put into every batch.

As you can tell, we are devoted to the high quality of our sea salt and honor and respect the goodness the sea provides. This purity of product and purpose is embodied in every flake we make and every jar we pack. Enjoy!

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