The Cook & Kibbitz Partnership

The Cook & Kibbitz Truffle Salt is born of an incredible partnership. For many years now, the Saltery Team has been so fortunate to partner with actor, co-host of Jeff Lewis Live, and fantastic chef and Cook & Kibbitz host, Doug Budin. We all bonded over our mutual love of SALT!

Doug and Lil worked together on this Truffle Salt for months, trying to find the right balance. Ultimately, using both black and white truffles gave us the perfect marriage, and everything is blended in-house using only natural ingredients.

This C&K Truffle Salt adds a bit of magic to everything you serve. It's smooth, robust, and incredibly flavorful.

Use it as a finishing salt, after you’ve cooked but before serving. Try sprinkling some on roast chicken, baked potatoes, pasta, or even scrambled eggs — and you will be wowed at how it enhances what you’re serving.

We know you'll enjoy our Truffle Salt as much as we do!

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