The Tale of our Duxbury Day Winners

What fun we had with Tabby and Brayan — winners of our Duxbury Day Giveaway!

And, just our luck, they are both foodies: Tabby is a baker at Sofra Bakery in Cambridge, and Brayan is the sous chef at Bar Mezzana in Boston. We’re so excited to share the details of their trip.

Tabby and Brayan’s fun began the evening before at the John Carver Inn in Plymouth. After a relaxing hotel stay, they spent the next morning enjoying the breathtaking views of the bay from cozy oversized rocking chairs on the porch of Duxbury Maritime School.

Afterwards, they delighted in amazing sausage breakfast sandwiches and blueberry scones at The Foodsmith! According to Tabby, it was “such a great place!” 

Mid-morning, they enjoyed a super fun sea salt tasting with SalterieOne, and Tabby brought fabulous cookies from Sobra to share! (Incredibly delish!) After sampling 8 different flavors, Brayan's favorite was North Blend, and Tabby’s was Autumn! We knew we were in the hands of flavor experts because they both really knew how to salt. : )

After the tasting, the couple visited Island Creek’s Raw Bar for a couple of drinks and a dozen oysters, in the on-and-off torrential downpour. Luckily, we had an umbrella from our friends at First Republic Bank to lend them!

Afterwards, Tabby and Brayan headed over to scenic Duxbury Beach. They drove across that “long wooden bridge” ((Powder Point Bridge) and stopped by the water to take a peek! “The sea looked rough, but stunning!” shared Tabby.

Later, on their way to Farfar's Danish Ice Cream Shop, they stopped at the Oysterman for some fish ‘n chips and fried oysters. 

At Farfar's, both Tabby and Brayan had a delightful sundae! Tabby’s was buttercrunch and black raspberry; Brayan's was peanut butter and banana. “They disappeared from the cups as soon as we got them.” 

“We headed home with full bellies, satisfied with our mini adventure in Duxbury,” says Tabby. 

SalterieOne and our Duxbury partners had a great time hosting Tabby and Brayan, a truly delightful couple! If you're interested in a day in Duxbury that includes a sea salt tasting, reach out to us at

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