Upcycling Oyster Shells

A big part of our mission at SalterieOne is using the natural resources locally available to us. Harvesting water into sea salt; gold rimming local oyster shells so they can have a new life as salt dishes; and always imagining other ways to thoughtfully, sustainably use the resources available to us on the shores of New England.

The oyster shells we give new life to are from oysters that grew in Duxbury Bay on a farm. They were once enjoyed by shore dwellers in Duxbury and then, instead of being composted (not a bad option we must say!), we wash, bleach & paint the shells. Beautifully transformed as decorative salt dishes for your dining room table, they add a very nice touch to a place setting. They can also be used in your kitchen for a quick pinch of salt, too!

We love sharing our labors of love with you and hope you enjoy our creations!

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