WBENC: Women-Owned Business Certification

Proud to be officially awarded the Women Owned Business Certification. Thank YOU for all your support, it is what helped us receive this!

I founded Saltery because nothing like it exists.

I've taken the mission to shake up salt very seriously — literally hauling buckets of water back to my kitchen to make sea salt + salt infusions. Now, I see these creations on the shelves of premium retailers like Whole Foods + Nordstrom and in the kitchens of customers all over the globe.

The secret recipe is the care that goes in to making our salt + the innovative, original flavors.

I am honored to have you as such an incredible customer. Your support is what keeps us going.

Receiving the "WBENC" Certification is a big deal for me + the company. Here's to many more of us embracing our inner salt lover!



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