Women's Equality Day

Our Founder, Lily's personal thoughts on this meaningful day:

My entrepreneurial journey has been lifelong, and I am thankful for the many opportunities that have allowed Saltery to launch, grow + thrive. I have long identified simply as an “entrepreneur” and “business owner” … without the moniker of “female” added in. So how can we all participate in making dreams a reality for all?


Know a person who is creative, thinks outside the box, loves to learn or is curious? Of course you do! Words are free: tell them you believe in them!


The truth is that financial investment is the #1 way we can continue to move the needle on equality. This can take on many forms:

  • Buy products from the creatives + entrepreneurs you know
  • Read their blog articles
  • Click on their links
  • Like + share on social media
  • Invest in them with time, connections, or funding


I am pleased to let you know that we are in development on a new initiative focused on actually doing what we're talking about here: supporting people with ideas! Stay tuned for what this will look like. I am of course obsessed with salt and also passionate about making dreams a reality and I can't wait to help others do just that.

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