The Saltery Story

Congratulations, you may now embrace your inner salt lover!

After discovering colorful salt at a market in Paris, our Founder, Lily, was inspired to empower salt lovers everywhere (you!) to discover how incredible well-made, high-quality salt can be. You'll be amazed by how easily Saltery will transform everything in such a simple way.

Only the Best

All of our salt is crafted with the highest quality ingredients: flaky sea salt, organic herbs, thoughtfully sourced botanicals. All because you must discover how incredible real well-made salt can be!

Makes Me Happy

"I love this salt. When I just want a little something to munch on, Peppermint Stick is perfect. Sweet and salty and FUN! I just smile every time I look at the jar."

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Hotter Than Hot

"This is the perfect balance of spicy + salty. Ghost Pepper is now my go to salt/seasoning for all of my favorite recipes."

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Luxury in a Jar

"Just look at how beautiful these salt flakes are and they taste even more amazing! Pinot Noir has blown my mind and I especially love it on a filet."

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Forward + Back

For centuries salt has been an essential part of cultures across the globe. Bringing real, flavorful, invigorating salt in to our kitchen cabinets, dining room tables + daily meals and empowering people everywhere to embrace their (your!) inner salt lover is our raison d'etre (reason for being!). xo, lily

Sea-Mist Infusion™

What makes us different? Saltery tastes so good because we go to extreme lengths to craft salt flakes straight from the source - the ocean. And we infuse flavor in to each salt flake using our proprietary Sea-Mist Infusion™ methodology. It works!

You can easily taste the difference.