Radishes with Homemade Butter and Sea Salt

  • 1 bunch of breakfast radishes (or garden radishes), washed, dried, stems on
  • 1 pint of heavy cream
  • Few pinches of Duxbury Salt


  • Pour cream into the bowl and start with the mixer on the low setting.
  • As the cream starts to bubble and thicken, slowly raise the speed.
  • You want to whip past the point of it being whipped cream for about 8-10 minutes. During this process add your pinch of sea salt.
  • The butter will start to form, and the buttermilk will begin to separate from the butter. Do this until the (cream) butter is pretty firm.
  • Using your hands, gather up the butter in your hands and SQUEEZE, as much of the buttermilk out as possible.
  • Form the butter into a ball, or roll it into a log using plastic wrap, or press it into a ramekin.
  • Serve alongside radishes, cut or uncut and sea salt.
  • Dip the radish into the butter and then sprinkle SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt on top.
  • Pop in your mouth and enjoy!

Recipe by Jill Effron @cuarantinecookingclasses

**You can also thinly slice the radishes, spread the butter on a baguette round, top with slices of radishes and sprinkle with sea salt.