Salted Bone Broth Gravy

2 tbsp butter
1 quart Hale Bone broth 
1 tsp SalterieOne Winter Blend

-  Melt the butter in a sauce pan. 
-  Add the bone broth and SalterieOne Winter Blend and bring to a simmer, stirring with a whisk occasionally until it is mixed well.
-  Season with SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt and pepper to taste and add dash of agave or coconut aminos mix to balance out flavors.
-  Serve warm.

-  If you have already roasted your chicken or turkey and have juices remaining in your pan, incorporate them into your broth. Simply lower the amount of broth you need by the amount of juices you added so that the total amount of liquid you begin with equals one quart. 
-  This gravy will refrigerate and reheat on your stovetop well, so you can make it up to four days in advance.
-  Freeze any leftovers - they'll last for months.