Spring Radicchio Salad

1 shallot
¼ cup red wine vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp SalterieOne Spring Blend
Pinch of Black pepper
2 heads radicchio
¼ cup walnuts
½ Granny smith apple, thinly sliced
¼ cup crumbled Roquefort cheese


1. Slice shallot thinly.
2. In a small bowl, combine shallot, vinegar, and mustard. Let sit for at least 15 minutes.
3. Whisk in remaining ingredients.
4. Arrange radicchio, walnuts, green apple and cheese on four salad plates.
5. Drizzle with dressing and serve immediately.


✧ For a dairy-free option, replace the walnuts, apple and cheese with 1 sliced cucumber, 1 diced avocado, and ¼ cup pistachios.