Evolutions of a Small Business

Hi Friends,

You may be noticing some changes to our website (and if you haven't, take a look!) - yes - we are evolving!

As a small business, we are challenged to constantly grow + evolve in ways that align authentically with who we are as people, what inspires us and to adapt to the realities in the greater economic market.

I'd like to share our values with you as a company and how our evolutions are aligned with both marketplace realities and what we value.  

Our Values: Always consciously crafted with sustainability, beauty, flavor + purity.

Sustainability: It is important to us that you receive your product in glass containers when ever possible. Not only is glass the most sustainable option, it is the most healthful one. We are committed to being a plastic-free company (we are almost there, it's a challenging work in progress).

Regarding glass jars, our beloved corktop jars are very difficult to source. To address the limited inventory, the only salt available in the spoon jar is our original, hand-harvested, lovingly made Classic "Duxbury Salt". The small corktop jars we used to have are no longer reliably available, so we're unable to offer them with any regularity. All of our original seasoning blends are available in the refill bag or smaller jar (more on that below).

Beauty, Flavor + Purity: I am spending a lot of time in our "Saltery", our innovation kitchen, creating beautiful, flavorful + healthful salt blends + infusions to bring to you. Always created by hand, in small batches, iIt's very important to us that your salt blends stay fresh for as long as possible in order to retain the best flavor. The salt preserves the herbs nicely, but having a secure lid also does the freshness work. We also care that your jars are beautiful enough to keep on your dining room table and that you value collecting them and presenting them on your kitchen counter.

This is why we have introduced a new screw top glass jar. An excellent container, it meets our standards for sustainability, beauty, flavor + purity. 

As I mentioned in my "Innovation Kitchen" post, I've been spending a lot of time in our "Saltery" in the creative flow making new original seasoning blends + salt infusions. You'll be seeing more and more of these as time goes on! 

Thank you for coming along for this ride. We exist to empower the salt lover within. All it takes is a pinch!

xo, Lily

Founder + Salt Lover

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