French Sel Inspiration

Sel means Salt in French.

I discovered this last year when visiting Paris in June. A family trip first and foremost, one of the great gifts from these travels was spending time exploring a new city, discovering the nuances of a different culture, and spending time lost in a land of perfectly curated everything. One very special day was the day I discovered the salt & spices shop in Gallerie de Lafayette. The incredible variety and complexities of salt, the flavors, scents, colors and lands of origin were truly inspiring.

I had dreamed up starting a salt business in early 2018, when I moved to Duxbury, MA, a quaint, seaside town with a uniquely clean & beautiful bay (more on this in another blog!). Seeing a collection of dozens of salts from around the world convinced me that salt is not just salt, but is the essence of good food. It is the je ne sais quoi element on your dinner table and an example of the wonders of nature.

After this trip I dove head first in to starting my own Salt business. There have been endless iterations on the process in my efforts to make the finest salt. I have grown my team to include many incredible mothers re-entering the workforce. We have relocated the business to a facility that suits our needs. We have worked on branding, marketing, packaging, permitting, negotiated deal terms, expanded our wholesale business, built a direct to consumer online business. And we're just getting started!

A trip outside of our country, outside of my routines, stepping in to a different culture and allowing myself the time & space to wander through gourmet markets, and dream up big dreams is how this business came about. 

Our salt is a fine flaky sea salt, hand harvested with the waters straight from our bay (filtered down to less than 1 micron). Some of the other salts I collected on my travels include: Rock Salt, Fleur de Se, Cyprus Black Flake, Truffle Salt and an endless variety of flavor infused salts. 

The depth and nuances of salt are incredible and a goal is to highlight the power of salt. We're on a mission to bring back artisanal salt to kitchens, restaurants & dining room tables of foodies & health conscious alike!

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