How much salt is in there, Mommy?

"How much salt is in there, mommy"? A question my daughter asked years ago while gazing at the immense vast sea.

It's good to make sure we're never going to run out!

Fun Fact:

1. There are 50 quintillion kilos of salt in the oceans; almost the mass of the moon 🌝 Plenty to keep us nourished, hydrated & make sure all of our food is properly salted.

2. 50 quintillion is the number 50 with 18 zeros after it. 

3. The ocean has an approximate salinity of 3.5% - the weight of the ocean is 3.5% dissolved salt. The salty taste you get after a day at the shore, that's the source of our obsession!

So how much salt is there? Plenty. As ambitious as we are we're certain to never run out!


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