How much salt is in there, Mommy?

Did you know that we have a resident scientist!? Yes, Jessica has her degree in Biology and we're psyched to have her on board to scient-ize all things salt. 

First up, quantity of salt naturally occurring in the ocean. While we're busy harvesting and eating salt, we just wanna make sure we're never going to run out!

In fact, there are 50 quintillion kilos of salt in the oceans; almost the mass of the moon 🌝 Plenty to keep us nourished, hydrated & make sure all of our food is properly salted.

50 quintillion is the number 50 with 18 zeros after it. 

The ocean has an approximate salinity of 3.5% - the weight of the ocean is made up of 3.5% dissolved salt. That dissolved salt is exactly what we're after! We collect water, triple filter it down to <1 micron, evaporate the water and carefully, patiently await the formulation of salt crystals. For every gallon of water, we get about 3.5 ounces of salt...just so happens to match the salinity of the ocean!


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