Joy's 5 Spice Seasoning Blend

Boston-based Joy started her food blog, The Cooking of Joy, because she was inspired to document her mom's Taiwanese dishes, and now you can find her work on Instagram at @joyosity.

Five spice powder is an essential part of Taiwanese cooking and also used in Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. The five spices themselves vary, and for this blend, Joy selected cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger, and pepper to create a harmonious blend of warm and fragrant spices that lean towards a sweeter profile.

Traditional uses include Taiwanese beef noodle soup, braised pork over rice, and popcorn chicken, but you can also use it in applications that call for cinnamon, like cinnamon rolls, to add a subtle Asian flair. One of Joy's favorite ways to use it is to add it to the marinade to make soy-marinated jammy eggs!

Here are some great recipe ideas for 5 Spice!

We hope you enjoy!!


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