Magazines: Our Favorites might be yours too!

Magazines hold a special place in the heart of our team. They are gorgeous to look at and sumptuous to read. And at this time of year, they can be the perfect gift to send along to friends near and far who need a treat delivered to their door (since you've already sent them our Salt Subscription of course!) Here are a few of our team's personal favorites and why we love them!

Coastal Living
Recommended by Inge, this beautiful publication combines content about lifestyle, food, decorating, travel, and all things ocean-related between its covers. Even if you live near the ocean, every edition of this magazine is like a mini-trip to the seaside.

Cook's Illustrated
Food nerd alert! This publication will provide you with fantastic recipes and the science behind why they work so well. According to Michelle, you'll feel like you attended cooking school each time you browse through its pages, making you a more confident cook with every page turn.

Real Simple
Let's face it, life can be complicated and having a magazine that outlines ways to trim down the noise while also inspiring you is worth the subscription price. We can't resist the recipes and the crafty tips, but the articles are also timely and interesting. So interesting, in fact, that both Emily AND Jessica S both love this one!

National Geographic
Science, history, nature, story telling, and (of course) stunning photography are the classic topics of this iconic monthly publication. There's a reason your grandparents collected them, and that's why Rachel added it to this list!

Yankee Magazine
This publication is fun for locals to learn about hidden gems in our own backyard and for far-off friends wanting a connection with their New England roots. The recipes are fun to try and the travel ideas an inspiring escape! And as Janice says, you can still pronounce your "r's" when you're reading it! 


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