Marking Growth and Giving Thanks

As a loyal salt fan, you’ve been on a delicious journey with us for three years now — from creating small batches of salt in Lily’s kitchen, to crafting larger batches at the Farm, to a full blown manufacturing facility on our waterfront site by Duxbury Bay. What started as a small experiment has blossomed into a thriving business that ships sea salt and our original seasoning blends to homes and boutiques nationwide — and to supermarkets like Whole Foods and Big Y!

Your devotion to our fluffy, mineral-rich flakes sparked this phenomenal growth and also created new jobs in our community, cultivated an inspiring food culture around flavor, texture, and health, and revived a centuries-old trade. We have a lot to be proud and thankful for. 

Taking a moment

We celebrated all of these accomplishments on December 1, 2021 with a ribbon cutting announcing the opening of our newly designed Showroom. This space is designed to welcome you into a visual and aesthetic experience of SalterieOne. From our windows, you can view beautiful Duxbury Bay, the pristine and unique aquatic environment that is the source of our sea salt. It is simply a stunning view and a wonderful way to connect to the source of the sea salt you have come to love. We also host Salt Tastings here, which is an invigorating way to experience our vibrant Classic Sea Salt and unique blends.

Valued Partnerships 

In the spirit of local collaborations, the design of the Showroom came together in partnership with two Duxbury-based individuals and their companies: Meghan Lewis, interior designer and owner of Lewis Vaughn Interiors, and Ben Lamora, master craftsman and owner of Lineal Architects and Builders. Plus, one wall features a gallery of calming seascapes created by local artist, Becky O’Toole of The Pink Frame, whose mission-driven art brings the beauty of the shore into the showroom. 

As we've grown and expanded, our local roots also grow deeper — and our commitment to our local region is at an all-time high. We are grateful to the Pembroke Chamber of Commerce for facilitating the event as well as State Senator Patrick M. O’Connor, State Representative Josh S. Cutler, and State Representative Kathleen R. LaNatra who presented us with official citations to document the day. 

“It means a lot to us to collaborate with so many local businesses to support the needs of the communities in which we live and work,” said Lily, Founder and CEO. “Everyday, our team focuses on people, planet, palate, and purpose, and our Showroom is the perfect demonstration of these values.”

If you’re in the area, we welcome a visit so that we can share our delicious products and special oceanside view with you. We look forward to seeing you at SalterieOne!

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