North Blend direction — It Only Takes a Pinch

Looking to go in a new direction with your recipes? Just look our North Blend, that is! The debut blend in our new Compass Collection, North Blend is a sweet and salty way to easily transform your everyday recipes into gourmet delectables, in just a pinch. The sweetness of the organic maple sugar meld together with North Blend’s hints of orange and cinnamon in surprising and flavorful ways.

In fact, North Blend has inspired the SalterieOne team in our home kitchens, experimenting with surprising and interesting ways to add great flavor to our everyday dishes. Here are a few of our favorite North Blend tricks that you might like to try:

  • Sprinkle on grapefruit halves. Try them broiled too!
  • Toss a few teaspoons with thinly sliced sweet potato brushed with olive oil before baking.
  • Rub onto a pork tenderloin before searing/baking.
  • Add to the milk mixture for French Toast and also sprinkle as a garnish.
  • Drop a pinch in your hot coffee.
  • Garnish glazed carrots. 
  • Dust on top of peanut butter and banana toast
  • Mix into steel cut oatmeal
  • Season an acorn squash before roasting

We hope this list inspires you to go in new directions with your cooking. If you uncover a new way to use North Blend in your kitchen, please send your suggestions to We’ll be sure to thank you in a flavorful way!

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