Quiz: Which Seasonal Blend Are You?

Write down the answer that is your best response to each question to decide which blend should be YOUR Blend!


A. How would you describe yourself?

    1. Bold 
    2. Adaptable
    3. Grounded
    4. Lively
B. My favorite way to cook is
    1. Grilling
    2. Sauteéing
    3. Roasting
    4. Steaming
C. If I had to pick one activity that is most like me, it would be
    1. Heli-skiing
    2. Tap dancing
    3. Crocheting
    4. Origami
D. My favorite color
    1. Warm colors
    2. Neutral colors
    3. Cool colors
    4. Metallic colors
E. Pick one: 
    1. Roller skates
    2. Slippers
    3. Cleats
    4. Snow Shoes
F. My favorite food category is:
    1. Meats
    2. Vegetables
    3. Starches & Grains
    4. Seafood
G. Pick one:
    1. Flannel Shirt
    2. Cotton Cardigan
    3. Wool Sweater
    4. Tank top







Count how many times you selected the each number answer. If you picked:

Mostly 1’s: Jump into the Autumn Blend.

Mostly 2’s: Bounce into Spring Blend.

Mostly 3’s: Give Winter Blend a try.

Mostly 4’s: Summer Blend is for you.

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