Saltmaking: How we harvest - Part 2 - Evaporation

Crystallized Sea Salt

Our salt harvesting process is methodical and deliberate. Every step is carefully considered, and every flake is treated with love.

Once we have collected and filtered the salt water from Duxbury Bay, we begin the slow and steady process of evaporation. In large boiling vats, the salt water cooks at a specific temperature — high enough to heat the water yet not so hot that we eliminate all of the good elements of the salt that we want in the final product. 

Once a condensed brine is created, it is transferred to shallow pans to complete the final stages of evaporation...

It is during this stage that the magic happens!

Using a carefully honed proprietary methodology that balances time and temperature, the beautiful salt crystals engage in a riveting dance, attaching to each other like magnets, until a layer of pure salt forms: our beautiful fleur de sel (flower of salt) style flakes. These "salt babies" — salt flakes — are created layer after layer until there is no water left — just pure NaCl.

This process repeats again and again until we are able to scoop out copious amounts of pyramid-shaped crystals. Each flake is original and unique like a snowflake. 

We allow the crystals ample time to dry while we carefully manage time, temperature, and humidity. Days in the making, the final result is our pure and incredibly tasty SalterieOne Classic Sea Salt.

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