In a Pickle

In a Pickle
In a Pickle
In a Pickle

In a Pickle

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Pickles are always in season! For that subtly spicy dill pickle flavor in your burger, on your chicken, roasted veggies or even chili — In a Pickle delivers. 

Paprika, Dill, Chili Pepper + Black Peppercorn, and of course, Duxbury Flake Salt enrich this seasoning blend with depth and just a hint of spice.

  • flavor: slightly spicy depth with a dill forward flavor that satisfies the palate
  • texture: pinchable grains with noticeable salt flakes
  • color: red-ish 
  • use: burgers, chicken, veggies, pickling 

Have fun with this one!

xo, Lily
Founder & Salt Lover

P.S. - You know how perfect it is when you take a bite of pickle alongside your burger? That feeling/taste describes In a Pickle.

P.P.S. - Each of our twist top jars contains 2 oz. Just the right amount if you ask me!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michelle DiMartino
I love it so much

I have only had this for a few days and so far I’ve had it on cottage cheese, turkey sandwich, and gnocchi I reheated in a pan with garlic infused olive oil. I love it, I need to find more things to put it on

Ellen Mosher
Delicious in some many things

This salt goes well on grilled salmon and halibut as well as potato dishes.

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Robert James Vandevoort
"In A Pickle" Works on More than Just Hamburgers.

I suspect that most Saltery fans tests a variety of the seasoned salts on a single food item. We most certainly use "In A Pickle" on every hamburger that we grill here in the White Mountains of Arizona. I am a fan of Rotisserie Chicken, so today's test was using "In A Pickle" on the chickee! It was wonderful. Testing continues......

Two different types of pickles

I actually ended up with 2 jars of in a pickle. One was heavier on the dill and the other was a lot redder so maybe heavier on the paprika or chili pepper? They are both really good with excellent pickle flavor, I just choose which one to use based on what level of spice I want. To be clear it is not super spicy and doesn’t take away from the pickle flavor at all, there is just a slight difference in taste and color. I love them both and if you love pickles you should love this flavor too.

Hi Aimee! Thanks! And that's exactly the beauty of small batch :)


I ordered this salt because I love pickles and it didn't disappoint! It is great for seasoning burgers or anything else that you want to have some pickle-y flavor!

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