Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Salt

Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Salt
Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Salt

Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Salt

Goes Great On Ice Cream 🍦, Sundaes 🍨, Cookies 🍪, Smoothies 🥤, Cakes 🎂, Brownies 🟫, and more!
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Embrace your inner child, back to the days when the first bite of ice cream with sprinkles was oh-so-good! Salt adds something special to ice cream — trust us, we've tried it (maybe a little too much!).

We blend naturally dyed sprinkles with our hand-harvested Duxbury Salt in small batches to create this colorful, sweet + salty, and fun dessert salt.

  • flavor: mostly sweet with perfect saltiness
  • texture: sprinkle-able
  • color: white, purple, colorful
  • use: ice cream, ice cream sundaes, smoothie toppings

xo, Lily
Founder & Salt Lover

Jar contains 2oz of salt. 

P.S. Be ready to chow down and have some fun with this dessert salt! It's favorite for all ages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Who knew?

I should have known putting salt on ice cream would be perfection and of course it was. Love this salt!

Joel B.
Legit Amazing

really - i mean really! so simple yet such a great idea! try it on ice cream, just go and you'll know why i recommend this salt.

Kim Rakauskas
I mean, come on!!

I can’t have vanilla ice cream without this product any more. I’m ruined for life. Amazing for sweet & salty lovers.

Gennie Brooks
Makes ice cream better

I know that salt brings out the taste of everything it's on. The same is true for ice cream. Just a little bit makes the bite so much tastier. Sprinkles add the fun, but salt adds the depth!

A party in a jar!

I received Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Salt in exchange for a review. Tried it on top of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and New York Super Fudge Chunk. Not only was it fun to look at but the hint of salt took my treat to another level! I also used ICS as a “dipping salt “ on the side as I tried a Hagen Dass chocolate covered with almonds Extra enjoyable and delicious!!

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