Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
Southern Girl Savors
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This collection is Schelle Purcell personified: SO MUCH FLAVOR!

When multi-talented Writer, Director, and Actor Schelle Purcell and Saltery Founder Lily met, they immediately knew it was a divine connection and partnership was not far behind. Schelle’s favorite seasoning combinations dazzled with Lily’s flavor expertise — these ladies created two incredibly versatile and delectable salt flavors for the world to enjoy.

Schelle's SOUTHERN GIRL SAVORS will quickly become kitchen staples — savor these salts with a pinch-sprinkle that will amplify your cooking with a hint of soul. If foodgasms are what you desire, prepare to have your tastebuds snatched with flavors you will crave!

  • MARDI GRAS is the life of the party! Sweet, salty, and glittery, this gorgeous combination of cinnamon-and-sugar-infused salt is perfect for breads, desserts, drink rims, and more! A subtle hint of citrus adds a layer of depth that can only be described as perfection! It's Mardi Gras, Y'all!
  • BAYOU SOUL will boldly announce your veggies, seafood, and poultry selections into the conversation of any occasion. This butter-and-garlic-infused salt is also kissed with chili pepper flakes and a perfect citrus-italian spices blend! (Um, yes please!) It's truly good for the seasoning soul!

Follow Schelle on her instagram for inspiration and ideas on how to use her flavors! @schellepurcell

Enjoy Southern Girl Savors  as individual jars, in a beautiful gift set, or save with a bundle of four free-standing jars!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Adam Golis

You may consider me a saltery super salty fan since i've tried so many flavors (each one I love btw)...Schelle's flavors are really original - the butter garlic salt i basically just eat straight out of the jar as a snack. also really good on fish, shrimp and pastas!!

Adam Golis
Savory, Sweet, Delightful

I'm a big Saltery fan. Some may consider me a Super Fan!

I tried the latest collaboration with Schelle Purcell + Saltery. I have to say, after trying so many flavors, I was still blown away by how delicious Bayou Soul and Mardi Gras are. Really versatile.


Joel B.
Obsessed w/Schelle's Salt

I have to admit, I wasn't totally sure what I was getting myself in to with Schelle;s Saltery Salt. But I love her and trust her and Saltery so decided to give it a go! I AM SO HAPPY I ORDERED THESE SALTS!
Bayou is savory and scrumptious. Mardi Gras hits just the right swet and salty note. Go now to buy, I promise you'll be happy.

Reviewer avatar
Robert James Vandevoort
What Happens When You Become A Huge Fan of Saltery Products?

Do you know what happens when you become a huge fan of Saltery seasoning salt products? Before going out for dinner to a restaurant, you make your decision ahead of time on what you will order. Then you study the ingredients of each Saltery product, and decide which product will accompany you to the restaurant. For the dinner last night of Seafood Pasta, which was a combination of fresh Sea Bass, chopped Surf clams, Argentine Red Shrimp and Boston Sea Scallops in olive oil, garlic, shallots, Pinot Grigio, butter, and Italian parsley resting on a bed of Linguini pasta. The Saltery decision, Bayou Soul seemed to be the perfect match. It was. It was terrific!

Perfect seasoning

The perfect seasoning for all foods. Its fragrance is so interesting. Great for all types of foods

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